Jasmine has no filter. It’s her personality and it comes out in her writing. It’s amazingly refreshing compared to all the bullshit that’s being served these days.
— Intan Mokhnar, Managing Director at BBDO Indonesia
I was impressed with Jasmine’s clear approach to cracking a creative idea. I highly recommend her as an addition to any creative department in the true sense. Jasmine can write and art direct which is important in today’s high content generation industry.
— John Akritidis, Creative Director at Marmalade Melbourne
She’s like a walking Internet. Everything I need to know about anything, I’ll go to Jasmine.
— Sandru Emil, Creative Director at BBDO Indonesia
— Joey Mahendra, Art Director at BBDO Indonesia
Descriptive. Good. The points she makes are very clear. Am I just describing every copywriter?
— Abigail Wiantono, Graphic Designer at Edelman Singapore
I can’t describe you. I’m bad with words, that’s why I need you.
— Melia Tandiono, Graphic Designer at Google Design NY
I don’t know. I’ve never read any of your work.
— Herisa Dharmawan, My Mother