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Surya Pro

A 60" TVC for SuryaPro, one of Indonesia's biggest cigarette brand.

Director: Anton Jøsef

Production House: Squarebox Cinetech

Creative Director: Sandru Emil 

Creative Group Head: Axel Widjaja/Andrian Wiranata

Art Director: Tegar Yudhanataru


Gudang Garam — Surya Pro

Gudang Garam, one of Indonesia's biggest cigarette manufacturers, wanted to position their brand, Surya Pro, as a man's perfect cigarette. In Indonesia, cigarette ads are common, you just can’t show the cigarettes on screen. Our communication needed to be vague, but pointed. This led us to create the ‘Never Quit’ campaign. We knew it would cause a stir, but the cut-through was beyond our expectation. It showed up in various news outlets, blogs, and lit up the Twittersphere. The campaign is still going strong, two years later.

Turn on CC for English subtitles.


Director: Anton Jøsef
Production House: Squarebox Cinetech
Creative Director: Sandru Emil
Creative Group Head: Axel Widjaja/Andrian Wiranata
Art Director: Tegar Yudhanataru